July 20, 2023

Vancouver Engagement Photos | British Columbia, Canada

Recently, my wife and I went on a trip to Vancouver, and while there, I had the opportunity to shoot some Vancouver engagement photos with this incredible couple Courtenay and Barry! Being relatively new to Canada, this was my first time to Vancouver and it did not disappoint! British Columbia is such a gorgeous province, with panoramic mountain views all around, as well as a beautiful coastline. We did the engagement shoot at Iona Beach Regional Park in Vancouver. We woke up bright and early and got the beach all to ourselves!

It was a perfectly clear morning, starting off at dawn, we got some very nice soft lighting during blue hour. We were then greeted by the sunrise and got some magical golden hour light. The Vancouver engagement photoshoot resulted not only with outstanding images, but with some amazing, loving moments between the couple. It’s about the couple having fun and being themselves. Courtenay and Barry laughed and had fun, and found joy in each other and excitement for their future.

During the shoot, I use fun prompts that lead to some amazing candid moments of the couple for their Vancouver engagement photos. Their unique personalities and style shined throughout the shoot. As the photoshoot wrapped up and the sun continued to rise, Courtenay and Barry ran together along the beach, hand in hand. It was a perfect start to a beautiful day, and the photos captured every magical moment.

If you are engaged and planning a romantic wedding in Canada don’t forget about your engagement photos! It’s a fun and unique way to capture the magic of your relationship and get ready for your big day.

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